Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Everyone already has a lamp.

December 16, 2016


It's not your job to make sure everyone is okay, to make sure no one has anything to worry about. 


You are not here to do anyone's worrying for them. You hear me? You're not. 


Here's all you have to do--get yourself into a patch of light, and just develop that little patch. Find things that like to grow there. Keep them warm. Keep yourself warm. That warmth is more powerful than you know. It will draw those who might need it and, even then, you still won't have to worry about them, to take care of them. 


You see, light is renewable and find-able. Teach them to find their light, and just let them sit in it. Let them discover what grows, what doesn't.


You'll do far more for this world by being an example than by being a worrier. Examples find and reflect light; worriers absorb it, twist themselves in an effort to harness it, slowly drilling themselves further and further from its source. 


To do today: 

-find your patch of light

-sit in it

-sit in it some more











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This Quiet Earth