Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

It's the only option.

January 19, 2017


I try to go to workshops and on herb walks at Avena Botanicals as often as possible. Herbalist Deb Soule plots her gardens thoughtfully, purposely, and biodynamically. But she leaves time and room every spring to see where the wind has scattered the previous year's seeds, and where these will self-selectively grow. 


I remember sitting with that for a long time--not just in a gardener's sense, or as an herbalist, but as a human animal who has been scattered far and wide over the years with the shifting of the wind. And I fought it--every time. I cursed the wind, raged at the storm all King Lear style, and generally made quite a miserable nuisance of myself. 


But, really, who am I to argue with the intelligence of the wind?


So next time, we'll see. We'll see how these roots grow if I shut up and stand still for a season or two. 





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This Quiet Earth