Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 


February 28, 2017


Elizabeth Gilbert, wise personal-struggle-and-strong-tea guru (Google Eleanor Roosevelt, women, hot water, and tea to get that reference) that she is, once told a story that not only stuck with me, but has given me endless comfort over the years. She said that after Eat, Pray, Love, she was stuck while writing her next book. It wasn't so much that she was daunted or intimidated by the success of EPL, but that she was simply uninspired to write, despite her continued love for it. All she wanted to do was garden, even though she'd very little experience with things green and growing. 


But instead of talking herself out of this untraceable desire and forcing herself to work on something that would, undoubtedly, show the efforts of her forcing, she gave herself a year to follow her curiosity. And, of course, long story short, in that decision to follow the path of her own footsteps, she stumbled across inspiration for her next book. 


It's how curiosity works, and it's powerful. 


And I just wish I could remember that. 






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