Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

A secret room.

April 20, 2017


In order to be my whole, comfortable self, I have to have routine. Of course, that's not always possible (boo!) and to go out of one's way (or to get into one's way, depending) for the sake of routine is just, let's face it, crazy-pants.


Even if it is what we little introvert-bookworm-homebody-gardeners would really, really prefer to do...


So I've developed this fail-safe secret weapon: secret rooms, scattered all over the place, for every conceivable scenario. Usually, they're gardens, or some outdoor, out-of-the-way spot. Sometimes, it's the corner of a building where one can breathe for a few moments, unseen. And, well, lots of times they're bathrooms.


Oh! And my car. That's a good one, too, in case I need a secret room on the road. I have blankets and chocolate, snacks and a first aid kit, as well as favorite cd's (um, I don't have a bluetooth thingy or one of those earphone-like pluggy bits in my car). 


So, there are ways, my petals. There are ways of stepping out of your comfort zone while, like the turtles we are, carrying a bit of it with you, be it a piece of jewelry, a coin, a favorite pen, or an old Jeep. 


Familiarity, even in its most diluted form, will make you invincible. 












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