Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

A thousand beings.

May 15, 2017


The intricacies of this world, hell, the intricacies of this square foot of space I'm sitting in, are so mind-bogglingly, mind-alteringly complex and interdependent, that it's simpler to think of it as, well, simplicity. It is life. It is teeming, breathing, sacrificing, contributing life. It is both individual and part of a whole. It is not us-versus-them, it is holistic, dependent life. 


That is your promise when you take a deliberate breath, pick a flower, make a salad, pluck a slug from your kale plants, roast a chicken, cook an egg, harvest grain--that you are contributing to the over and under of this simple design, and your sacrifice is nothing more than your acknowledgement of this inescapable life.


Yes, we all take, of course we do. But inevitably, willingly or no, we give back. We return.







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This Quiet Earth