Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

How much ease?

May 18, 2017


I am so guilty of this--focusing on the one out-of-the-ordinary, pain-in-the-arse task, inconvenience, or new thing that will be, in reality, uncomfortable for maybe five minutes. But here I am, already having dedicated countless minutes to imposing that discomfort on myself. 


I don't know how we got this way. Surely, our hunter-gatherer ancestors needed that antennae, that apprehension of the unknown, but they couldn't have lived it *all* the time, or we wouldn't be here. We'd have killed each other off or died under stress-related illness long before now. 


I don't have the reason and, let's face it, it's not like I have the answer, either. But I'm aware of it. Even if I shift my focus back to the one cloud in an otherwise perfect sky, I remember. I shift back. 


Really, I think that's all we can hope for in the beginning. But that's not a small thing--to have the power, the choice, to shift focus?That's some bad-ass magic right there. Remember that; when you reclaim your focus, you reclaim your power.









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