Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Pack it in.

May 19, 2017


It's been one of those weeks. And it's sort of lovely that that's all I need to say, because 'those' is so telling--the beauty of it is, we're in this, and have been there, together. Maybe (thankfully) not at the same time, but from time to time. Staggered suffering, staggered discomfort. 


I used to think (not really, but secretly) that I was being tested or punished, or that I was being given a lesson whose moral I can't seem for the life of me master (can you please rephrase the question, universal being/mother/father). And although the weird, worried, Yankee Puritan ancestry haunting my DNA latches onto these ideas of punishment, testing, and cosmic education, I think it's more about empathy and community than divine judgment or ancestral karma.


I want to do/fix/be everything by myself. I want self-reliance and to have all the right answers on my own. But we're a hive (or a pack, but not being a dog person, I'll go with bees), and we have a hive-mind (for better, for worse). And for that hive-mind to function with compassion and community, we need, not lessons, but experiences in empathy. 


So. This week. My empathy reserves have been refilled, my hive-mind buzzing with compassionate creativity. 


(But still...bring on the weekend). 























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