Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Small vehicles.

June 2, 2017


I guess it's a small things kind of week over here in the quiet earth blogosphere. But it's no wonder, is it? No matter where you get your headlines, I think we could all agree that a little at-home, community-centered action is the only way we wee Davids are going to make any headway against our legion of Goliaths. 


I like quiet acts of rebellion. I like community-centered action. I like knowing I can knock on a door, neighbors at my back, and demand change. We start here. Or, rather, since we never left, we return here and begin again. The big link is only as strong as the little ones connecting it to our communities. Change those little links and the chain-reaction can't help but become a force of its own reckoning. 


Small acts are enormous in their collective effect, and because our hands are so dextrous, so capable of so many small acts, in this way we will (once again) change the world. 











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