Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Who we are, where we've been.

July 18, 2017


I like secrets and I'm good at keeping them. I don't like lies, but then, I'm a terrible liar. I'm also none too adept at hiding my feelings, at least for very long.


But I do like holding things back, harmless things, just for myself. Perhaps it's a habit leftover from a childhood of telling myself stories at night, or under (or in) a tree in the woods on one of my frequent quests for solitude, for hidden places. Maybe secrets just come with the territory of a personality that craves being alone--imaginary walls when no actual ones are at hand. 


At any rate, there's nothing wrong with a comforting insulation of information you keep to yourself, not unlike the small shoebox I still carry, rattling around with objects from my travels, collected over years.






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This Quiet Earth