Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Not impossible.

August 18, 2017


Impotent. I know that's how we all feel right now--helpless and raging, disturbed and bewildered. All I can say is that we've been here before. Not us, necessarily, not my generation or even the one before, maybe, but our people. Each one of us can trace our lines back to someone who was targeted, victimized, harassed, hurt, sacrificed, tortured, run out of their land, their homes, burned out, rallied against, destroyed. It's heartbreaking. More than that, it's ugly, malicious, unconscionable, revolting, vile, depraved, and so utterly unfair. 


It's impossible to believe that this kind of hatred still exists, despite the lessons that history has set up for us, that we've refused, apparently, to learn. It's impossible to resolve oneself to this shift in power, to feel so bloody helpless in the face of such wanton violence. 


Because it's almost impossible to fight random acts of terror. Because it's almost impossible to find a foothold in the mob mentality of lawlessness. Because it's absolutely impossible to reason with small, fearful, poisoned minds. Because it's almost impossible not to take up arms and do some damage oneself. 


Because of this, it is all the more important to gather together in numbers, not with clubs (maybe with shields), but with light. It seems like nothing. It seems like less than nothing, but it is everything. Think of your longest night, your most terror-filled night, your most pain-filled night and think how grateful you were, finally, to see the light.






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This Quiet Earth