Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

All those beings.

October 10, 2017


I have no doubt, if trees can tap chemically into their surroundings, healing themselves, healing each other, that they could heal us, too. Not just on a corporeal level--we know plants-as-food, plants-as-medicine, plants-as-lungs can heal us, can, at the very least, supplement us. But what if we could have a little faith in their chemistry, a little faith in their age, in their experience? What if we could sit at their feet and thank them from the bottom, the very cell floor, of our hearts? What if we could apologize from the depth of our confused and churning guts, where we should radiate nothing but light, nothing but confidence, but are, instead, drowning in our own bile, in our own poisonous chemistry? 


What if we could do all of that? Would the trees not, in all their compassion, tap their Morse-coded chemistry into the earth and heal her as we save ourselves?





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This Quiet Earth