Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Down to the bones.

October 11, 2017


I try to be transparent in all my interactions, and if I can't be comfortably so, I keep quiet. Part of this is an attempt toward fulfilling a personal philosophy, but the other is more pragmatic--I'm a terrible liar. Or, rather, I've discovered I'm a terrible concealer.


So, really, it's just easier to, with discretion, put it all out there. But what's so easy, so unbelievably easy, is hiding things from ourselves. There are so many places, when you really get down to it, to hide--and what with a lifetime of experience, we're bloody good at it. 


I think, though, if we could only stand to stare into a mirror, right into our own eyes, in good light, a few minutes a day, we'd hide so much less. Would we sleep more? Less? Would we feel fragile for a few days, a week, a year? Sure. But what's wrong with that? Think of what comes after--the quiet, the light, no more running down strange alleys, ducking into shadowy corners, just to get away from ourselves.





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This Quiet Earth