Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

At the mercy of wanting.

October 30, 2017


It's funny how complicated we make the idea of simplicity--like it's something to strive for, to wish for. How many times do we hear people 'long for the simple life.' THE simple life--like it's a brand we'll never afford. 


You know why we think it's out of reach? At least, this is my theory--advertising. I mean, look at the catalogues that litter your mailbox--all those 'simple' designs ticking into the thousands so that you, too, can have a farm table like the one your great-grandparents had. Please. Please! 


Do you want a simple life? Well then, let me tell you a secret: you can start in this very moment, no pricey artisan furniture necessary. It's not necessary to get out of debt (simplicity will help there, too, though), nor is it necessary to sell everything you own, grow out your hair, give up your electronics (though that helps), or change who you are. 


All you have to do is watch your wanting. That's it. When it shows up with that incessant knocking, throw the door open and say, 'You again? What do you want?' And then listen to the litany as if you were listening to a child's outrageous Christmas list that no human could ever fulfill--with warmth, humor, and the tiniest grain of salt. Then, at the end, nod, take the list, say your thank yous, then shut and lock your door. Sit in the silence of the relief of knowing that at least these lists can be reclaimed, reused as kindling for the long winter to come. 










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