Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

A life resembling.

November 10, 2017


So often I overhear something to the tune of 'my life is crazy right now.' Is it? Is life crazy? Or are you crazy and your life is simply a reflection of that manic need to fill up, fill in, catch up, speed up? 


We lead pressured lives, ok; I get that. But I'm not so sure it's all as critical as we make it. Most deadlines, most engagements we can see coming for days, weeks, months. It takes very little effort to dole out the needs of those engagements over time, freeing us to slow down, deepen our connection to the moment, and breathe. 


But you know, I'm not sure that's what we want. Because in that silence, those pauses in-between, we see what we really want, what we're really missing, or how we're deluding ourselves on one score or another. Self-reflection can be a big ol' sit-down in the principal's office, I know--but the longer we put it off, the worse the confrontation becomes. 


But do we want to keep up the my-life-is-crazy-right-now mantra? How many years have we left in us at that rate? And maybe a life resembling you sounds scary, but I promise--the authenticity of that life will leave you weeping with gratitude, with joy, and the only thing crazy about that life is how much energy, how much contentment, how much sincerity and compassion you'll have to spare. 






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