Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Good work.

November 15, 2017


We try, I think, most of us, to do good work. Sometimes it's a conscious effort, but much of the time I hope it's our default setting. And I'm not talking hard work, though that can be part of it. But I think we, especially we Puritanically-minded Americans put so much value on this idea of hard work that good work slips by unnoticed--as both goal and outcome. 


For some reason, we'd rather appear to work hard at very little than apply ourselves with love and heart and strength to one small piece of lasting, stirring quality. 


I think if we were allowed (and, yes, if we allowed ourselves) to follow our curiosity, to put good work, joyful work first, we'd be happier, less exhausted, less frustrated and, as a society, harbor a far greater appreciation of a good book, a lovely painting, an incredible meal, or a well-managed landscape.










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