Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 


November 30, 2017


I am quite certain we were never meant to spend quite so much time in our own heads. Over time, we've drawn further and further away from the hand-crafted, home-forged, inherited artisan-esque skills of our foremothers and forefathers. It's just the unfortunate way society has developed--so much is visual, so much is cerebral, so much has become about fashion, about appearance. So much more has been hidden.  


I am also quite certain that we're being poisoned by our own minds--the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, about each other. And to escape that, we find more stimuli in some sort of digital distraction or, quite often, some group activity including the pressures of looking good and projecting a successful, happy front. 


There's so much there--so much ingrained in us, in our circles, and you can just drop out--always an option. But that doesn't work for everyone. But here's, I think, what does--get your hands busy. This is the only way out of the insanity of the machine of the modern mind. We were meant to be makers--otherwise there would be no need for HGTV, for the avalanche of internet DIY tutorials. It's the way out of the maze, back into remembering that you are a skilled craftsperson--you only need to give your hands time to remember how to think for themselves. 






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This Quiet Earth