Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Moving parts.

December 22, 2017


It's impossible to know how it will all come together--all these dreams and wishes in spite of all these so-called realities and fears. And since we're such terribly cerebral creatures, we try to plot it all out--and when we can't, we try anyway. It's like we sweep off the doorstep for anxiety every morning. Trust me--he doesn't deserve such fastidious housekeeping. 


A teacher once said to me--how does water return to stillness? It does nothing. This, too, is the only way the heart can return to stillness--by doing nothing. 


It made so much sense that, of course, I promptly forgot it, recalling that snippet of wisdom only in times of already-existing stillness. But I'm putting it down here now in the hopes that I'll remember--when you don't know how to get back to center, do nothing. Return to stillness. Let the rest fill in around you. 





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This Quiet Earth