Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Your opinion isn't necessary.

December 26, 2017


When we get anxious, overly sensitive, overly controlling, or overly expectant, it's because, in our wee little minds, we're voicing our extra-large opinion about the here and now. I had never quite thought of it this way until recently, reading a new take on witness-mentality in meditation. It's all well and good to remind ourselves to be the witness, be the witness, be the witness, but it's difficult to maintain, much less to put into practice.


But opinions? Hell, we subject *everything* to our opinion. And you know what? Almost every time, unless you're in a creative brainstorming session or offering advice on your BFF's NYE getup, that opinion is so not necessary. But we twist ourselves up in knots assigning labels, expectations, and assumptions filtered through our own very biased, very selfish perspective. Where does that leave us? Tight and twisted, forcing the situation (and the people involved, complete with their own opinions) into our own quite rigid view of how this should all be unfolding. 


But what if we just stopped having an opinion? It's actually one of the most freeing experiments I've ever tried--no need to remember how to be mindful, how to be the witness, how to turn off the machinery of anxiety, just a shutting up of the inner loudmouth.


The silence is a revelation. 





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