Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Enough space, enough cold.

January 16, 2018


There are so many reasons that winter is my favorite season--not the least of which is its discomfort, its cold, its challenge to your own capacity for restlessness and creativity. But perhaps winter's most challenging aspect is its ability to throw into sharp relief everything that's been eating you (or choking you) since last season(s).


The light is so very uncompromised in winter, which means shadows are sharper, harder to ignore. Winter generously offers us the opportunity to root through the overgrowth in our own lives because it is so very obvious, and so very brittle thanks to cold air, dry heat, and long nights. 


Here in January, we sit at the fulcrum of winter--a perfect time to gather our post-holiday slump up into our arms and knead it into some sort of motivation, some sort of drive to turn a cold, clear eye onto our own lives, then get to work. Spend quiet hours, not distracting yourself, but rediscovering yourself, using that model from your childhood--the person you felt you'd grow into before someone, somewhere scared you otherwise. 


There is so much opportunity here--no should, only could--*could* I drop this? Pick up that? Could I wake up just this side of thrilled every morning? Well. We've plenty of space, plenty of dark nights spent dreaming to find out. 





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This Quiet Earth