Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Scaling down & enough.

January 25, 2018



Even for those of us who don't really like 'stuff,' who don't really trend toward clutter, it's so easy to think more = better (more vitamins, more liquids, more protein, more DIY cleaning/body/hair care products...). But there soon comes a tipping point--that place when the healthy habit teeters from bolstering to burdensome, if not on the body then on the mind. 


From time to time it becomes necessary to step back, to look at everything we're doing for ourselves and decide where we can take a break. My herbal clients are always surprised when I tell them to take a week or so off their herbs every month. Many are terrified that this will somehow undo all the good habits, the good medicine they've put into place. 


On the contrary--the body needs a break from its supports, needs a chance to see if it's strong enough to hold itself up, to keep itself moving and, on occasion, to heal itself without distraction. The same goes for our too-often guilt-tinged laundry lists of supplements, habits, and make-at-home products. On the whole, as a whole, it's all good. But in the microcosm of a day, a week, a clean slate is what will restore us. 










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