Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Long-ignored whispers.

January 26, 2018


Our intuition, our access to the divine/our higher selves/our guides--whatever you want to call it, contains just as many moving parts as does any other functioning unit in our bodies (digestive, circulatory, or nervous systems). In other words, if something is a bit wonky and it goes ignored, it will just get louder and louder, pulling in support from neighboring organs, bones, and nerves. Or in the case of the spirit piece of this mind/body/spirit triad, robbing us of sleep, focus, or energy.


Eventually, what was once a gentle nudge becomes a full-on, distracting and impossible-to-ignore irritation. But even then--even at the height of the discord, we can just stop and still ourselves, waiting for the one clear note underscoring the entire mess, then trace it back to its source. 


Healing, it's true, is virtually impossible when symptoms are clamoring for our attention, monopolizing every bit of patience we've left. So we deal with the discomfort until it's manageable--but that's never the whole story, and most certainly not the solution. The solution lies, in the relative quiet of comfort, in listening for the voice still calling, then reaching out and comforting that poor wailing creature, asking her, finally, what is it that you need?








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This Quiet Earth