Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Clean lines.

January 31, 2018


As messy as this end of winter can become, there's still something acutely refreshing here, and it's not just the weather, but the way we handle ourselves and handle our days. At some point, we stop caring about appearance; we're just so tired of being cold, mud-spattered, salt-stained and careful, that we dress for the elements, fashion be damned. That's a refreshing detox in and of itself--a little rebellion some of us, if we're wise to it, can carry through the rest of the year. 


And, of course, I like the clear delineation between end of day and beginning of day--the self-imposed efficiency leaves my brain free to wander elsewhere, and the darkness is convenient for creative dreaming. 


February, I think, is the best month for this kind of channeling, this kind of astral traveling, if you will. It's a short month, a cold month, and while it's still a dark month, light leaks out at both ends of its days. Perhaps that kind of generosity, that kind of brazen bravery can inspire us to great heights of hope.









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This Quiet Earth