Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Faith too long unused.

February 9, 2018


If you're like me, then you have hopes--wishes, really--that are so dear, so utterly fragile that you can barely think about them for the fear of breaking them. I tuck them away into the back of my mind, nudging them awake every so often just to see if they're still breathing, then creep away back to my safe, but restlessly mundane, day-to-day. 


You see, I live in fear that unforeseen circumstances will rush in and shatter these long-held hopes. In fact, I'm rather convinced of it because I think (as we all do) that I don't deserve such happiness, such security, such ease. But then yesterday I read this (and I paraphrase): by turning your concerns over to the universe [i.e. something bigger than oneself], you can relieve yourself of some of the burden of this worry.


Here's what I take away from that, and I dearly hope it's true--that we aren't meant to handle all of this hope, all of this worry all on our own. We are small, small, breakable creatures who can only hold so much. Well. I'm full to the brim, equal parts dread, equal parts hope. I'm not sure where the equilibrium will land on any given day, but for today? I'll turn it over to something bigger and hope (!!) for a settling of the waters and an hour or two of easy sailing.








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