Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Rather amazing vigilance.

February 13, 2018


I think we can retrain it, maybe, this built-in vigilance, this inherited biological watchdog. I mean, I'm sure we can, and I'm sure more disciplined, less suggestible people than myself have succeeded. It's just that the ego, the eye--whatever you want to call it--is so bloody *convincing.* I believe every word, drawn in to every tractor beam of its gaze--I think Tolkien nailed it with his eye of Sauron...


So what do we do? Duck beneath it, I suppose. Or train ourselves (rather than the other way around) to pick up the distinct feel of its aura, its vibe, its what-have-you, then warn ourselves, 'this *may not* be the truth--let's give it a minute.' 


It's that delay between perception and action that will keep us steady, keep us calm(er), I think. We may not be able to train away eons of survivalist vigilance, but we can temper it, grain-of-salt-it if we can remember that, convincing as it feels, there may be another side, another interpretation worth considering.





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This Quiet Earth