Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

This body-soul-heart-life.

February 15, 2018


We can no longer afford not to be heard. We can no longer funnel energy away from our happiness, away from our surprised delight when happiness drops in, every time it drops in. And if those moments feel rare? Feel too precious to risk frightening them away with anything other than a sidelong look? Well, rest assured that happiness is not a skittish sheep, dashing back into the pasture at the merest hint of a bell, a drum, a laugh, a dance. 


On the contrary, happiness is drawn to the noise, to the light of celebration. It grows stronger the more energy we give it, the more energy we unselfconsciously allow, despite circumstances, despite whatever our present company. Happiness delights in spontaneity, in pleasant surprise, and the longer we tell it to wait, the longer we put it off until we're alone and comfortable, away from passersby, the less and less it will be inclined to visit. 


And if it's been so long since happiness came around that you fear you'd never recognize it, try calling it. Raise your voice. See what happens.








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This Quiet Earth