Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The jubilant sister.

February 20, 2018


Dormancy is necessary, as much a part of the cycle as growth. We've seen what a sleepless culture has done to our society, to our patience, to our resistance to stress, anxiety, and depression. And though we'd be wise to value rest far more than we do, we can't allow ourselves to ignore the inevitable nibbles of restlessness.


We can't ignore the lengthening days, the muscles of our legs and feet firing in readiness for a season of activity--not mindless or habitual busyness. That distinction is important. There is no growth with exhaustion, with nagging obligation. If we're doing this right, if we're honoring the physical, mental, spiritual signals calling us to move, calling us back to the earth, then we need answer to no one. We need not say yes when our deep, soft spirit says no. 


We are here to breed compassionate hearts, but not at the risk of our own wellbeing. Risk that, and we risk pitching headlong into dormancy, lingering there as one season follows another. 





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This Quiet Earth