Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The hard edge of truth.

February 21, 2018


I assume (well, I hope, because I don't really want to be nuts) that everyone has worries buried deep that they're afraid to churn up for fear that they're actually true. But then if we don't turn that soil over, we risk that contaminant spoiling an entire season's work. On one hand, we find out we've distorted the truth (again), and on the other, we find we haven't this time, and honestly? I'm not sure which is worse. 


And then I think, ye gads! Enough with the introspection already. Can't you just put on your shoes and hat like a normal person and go enjoy the day? But you know, I'm not sure I was ever that person. Are any of us? Or has the whole atmosphere just become too weighty for us to dance along like we used to?


I'm not sure, but March is coming; the inevitable sticky churning of mud season is coming. Sometimes that smell of thawing earth offers nothing but possibility. Sometimes it offers nothing but the veiled threat of secrets uncovered.





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This Quiet Earth