Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

We're still standing.

February 23, 2018


We don't give ourselves enough credit, I don't think, for waking up every morning and getting on with it despite and despite and despite. That is a gorgeous act of bravery, an illuminating and heart-breaking testament to how much we value this life, this world, and all the creatures in it. We could so easily sit this one out, draw the covers back up, and hibernate until we waste away to nothing. The effort--the effort!--it takes to pull up our socks, to move our sweet souls through a culture caustic with assumptions and double standards, wariness and downright spitefulness. 


The air is polluted with the fetid breath of those who wake up just to shout, just to hear themselves speak, just to hear their targets fall beneath the fire of their own hot air. 


Well, my doves, we are the antidote. We are the sweet green creatures who hold our tongues until the moment arises to lash out. We are trained to watch, to listen, and to strike--quietly, effectively, and with purpose. There are no careless casualties in our world. Everything, everyone has a purpose. Everything has its own unique value. And we, because we are quiet, are overlooked. That's the greatest tool in our possession. 





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This Quiet Earth