Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Opting for comfort.

February 28, 2018


I've never been a high-heels/make-up/hair kind of girl, which is no judgement on any of those lifestyle choices. On the contrary--I completely understand how the fashion game can be thrilling. I admire the instinct and the creativity it takes to put together a signature look, and the men and women who can do it with poise and energy are certainly forces to be reckoned with. 


But that's the key--it's their instinct, their default setting. If I were to try, I'd be nothing more than a poor copy of the original. I would be ridiculous in any heel higher than my Frye boots, sticking out like an elephant in a tutu. It's just not right. But the point is, I've been there, I've tried. I've tried the make-up/hair thing (briefly, in college; it wasn't pretty). I felt like I was wearing someone else's ill-fitting clothes. Talk about self-conscious. 


I'd rather arrive underdressed than overdressed. I'd rather be overlooked than stand out (at least in person; I'd rather let my work speak for itself). The point is, no matter what your heart loves, no matter what the perception of it, embrace it. Wear stilettos to cook pasta. Wear slippers to the office. It doesn't matter. Within your comfort lies your power. Let it be authentically you. 









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