Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Not nearly as tame.

March 5, 2018


We talk a good game about growth, and I really do believe it happens, incrementally, even without our interference. In other words--we worry too much. We worry too much, in part, I think, because we're so out of sync with natural rhythms. We get that frisson of excitement when spring starts to blow in every March, and maybe we act on it. Maybe we let it call us outdoors or to our curiosity or to an old project, a new project. 


But then we seem to ignore it, to bat it away like it's a nuisance and because doesn't it know we're tired already? But here's the thing--we don't have to be active when this voice calls. We don't have to participate with the same energy--after all, Mother-Earth-Father-Sky have been doing this a long time--they've got stamina. Us? We're just novices. 


So when spring calls, step outside. Just step outside and be outside. Sit. Breathe. Close your eyes against the sun or the wind or the rain and let this earth take care of you. That is your blessing. There is your spirit. There is your energy. 





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This Quiet Earth