Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Build from there.

March 23, 2018


I have great plans--great enormous, life-fulfilling plans. Plans that I think are truly achievable, plans I can see myself living in. Most of the time, I'm optimistic about it all if peppered, from time to time, with the occasional belief that the universe is conspiring against me. All in all, though, I'm hopeful.


Until, of course, I try to envision the how of the whole operation. That's where we trip ourselves up in this, well, let's call it manifestation process. We are, on our own, one small creature. There's no way we can possess every skill and all the knowledge necessary for our vision(s), and we're not meant to. 


We are the holder of the vision, and that's our only job--to hold it fast in our mind's eye, feeding it and watering it with all the belief and hope we can compost out of our darker days. Vision isn't all, of course--action must follow. But that's one action at a time--easy, manageable. I promise (myself, all of us) the reality of the vision builds itself from there. 






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This Quiet Earth