Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Reclaiming the rest.

March 26, 2018


There is nothing new in heaven and earth (to borrow a bit of poetry from Horatio), nothing that hasn't echoes elsewhere, from our bodies to our habits, celestial meanderings to cycles of weather. Everything is a pattern, borrowed, complicated, or improvised upon. Patterns establish themselves and tug us along in their wake. 


But let's not confuse these patterns with the well-trodden path. After all, not every path is a pattern that serves you--one creature's migration may have nothing to offer you; follow it and ignore your inner compass at your own risk. No, the patterns we want to reinforce, maintain, enhance are those that bring us to energy, to light, to hope, to fulfillment. Sometimes they're hard to find. Sometimes we have only a glimpse of their trajectory, the merest hint of a clearing ahead, but the pull of the heart is there--that's the key, whether you need to bushwhack your way there or not. 


The best revealer of patterns is observation, and the best means toward true observation is time and stillness. It's impossible to know the pattern and direction of the wind simply by running from house to car to destination. No, that discovery, that learning demands patience, a willingness toward openness, and every single one of our senses. 





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This Quiet Earth