Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Orienting the globe.

March 27, 2018


We have such a hard time with this whole waiting concept in our culture--that is to say Western culture, no matter where it manifests on the globe. Something, if I knew anything about sociology (which I don't), I imagine we could trace back to the Industrial Revolution. But, anyway, it's unimportant--what's done is done and all that matters now is how we go forward. 


So. Do we really need the instant gratification of a Googled answer? Or can we wait, intuit, then pick ourselves up, walk to some kind of reference material (be it person, book, or map) and physically find the answer? Not, as it were, have it carried to us on a virtual silver platter? I don't know. Would the withdrawal kill us? Or would it make us more human? 


Few of us are robust enough, strong enough, to go cold-turkey from whatever it is we think makes life more bearable. But small sips of hands-on reality would do much to propel us back toward health, toward sanity, toward patience, and toward our own humanity.





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This Quiet Earth