Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

A question of conditions.

April 4, 2018


Spring is the doorway to the otherworld, whatever that otherworld is for you, whatever religious/folkloric/intuited tradition it comes from. We are dangerously narrow-minded when we assume there is only one path to divinity; we are heartbreakingly short-sighted when we fail to realize that every path of light leads to divinity. 


And speaking of light, spring provides us with plenty of it. If we can acknowledge this gift of light whenever it occurs to us, then we foster the alchemical connection between our daily- and divine-self. Because here's the thing--I have to believe that divine self is up there, tethered tightly to the crown of my head, the seat of my heart, the soles of my feet. I have to believe it because, from time to time, I hear her voice, I glimpse the shimmer of her long skirt, her bare feet above my head. I sense her in my quietest, most contented moments, no matter how short-lived they may be. 


And if I lose that belief from time to time, well, I thank the goddess for the wisdom of the tether, because it is so very much in our nature to put aside, to misplace, to forget that which is most important to our whole health, our whole happiness.





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This Quiet Earth