Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

This momentary grace.

April 11, 2018


We have moments when we remember that we are infinite, that we are unhindered by the rules we so willingly, most of the time, submit to. The irony is that we believe these moments to be residual delusion (at worst) or wishful thinking (at best). But I'm beginning to think that, on the contrary, these are our few moments of lucidity, tapping into the rhythm and pattern of our real-life origin story.


These are the moments we see clearly that the universe is a balanced place, and because life can be so very difficult, so very confusing, there is--without question--easy grace to be had. In fact, we this gift of grace, of manifestation, already. We have access to scope and sight, vibration and illumination far beyond what we can conceptualize. We *know* this to be true because we glimpse it--and even in that merest split of a second, everything is revealed and we breathe in the relief of knowing we are limitless.




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This Quiet Earth