Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

This part of the experience.

April 19, 2018


Sometimes you really do have to forget in order to move on. And maybe that's not true, or doesn't have to be true, for the more settled of us, the grounded--those, for example, who knew who they were, their place in this world, from youth and who have always had the gift of clear sight. 


But I wonder, is a willful putting aside, a willful forgetting, a path to peace in the now? Because, I'm telling you, I've done the introspection; I've done the hard looking, the examining, the regretting, the replanning. I've admitted my role in this variety of struggles and I'm no farther along than if I'd just tumbled along in ignorance (speculation, true, but still). 


So, for those of us stuck in the spiral, I wonder if we're capable of blank-slating it; I wonder if we could pretend--for a time--that the troublesome whatever/whenever hadn't happened? I wonder if that kind of role play would launch us beyond this part of the experience into the next? Maybe some serious distance--a sort of virtual don't-look-down--would allow us the time and space to unwrap those memories one day and look at them with a kind eye. 




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This Quiet Earth