Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Moving mountains.

April 24, 2018


In the past year, my hair has been thinning and it seems, every day, I lose more and more of it. I hadn't planned to put that in the blog, but it's been bleeding into the Satyas for quite awhile now, and since everything else is worked out in this space, I might as well add this, too. It's a horrible thing, for those of you who have been here. I have no idea why it's happening and, despite my best efforts, despite numerous consultations with experts--holistic and allopathic alike--I can't find an answer. The most hopeful one I had was from my dermatologist--"Most likely, within five years, it will be back to normal, and it won't get worse from here." 


But won't it? It feels like it's getting worse every day. It bleeds into my sleep, into my meals, into my working and waking lives, into my joys, and it feeds and feeds and feeds my sorrows and my ever-expanding, seemingly endless capacity for anxiety. (And yes, I see the irony--anxiety and stress have a direct relation to hair loss; it's a vicious, cruel cycle). 


So why do I put this here? For one, we are a tribe and there comes a time when you just can't shoulder the weight anymore. You have to dump your rucksack on the ground, empty it out and say, 'look what I'm carrying; you don't need to pick it up, but if you could be a witness, I think it would help.' 


Let us be witnesses for each other. We all have deep currents of despair and deep capacity (I hope) for self-healing, whether our 'condition' is emotional or physical. Know that I have oceans of compassion in my heart for you, whatever it is you carry, and I hope that you'll dump your baggage along with mine and maybe, one day, we'll set the whole thing alight and walk away, unburdened. 





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