Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Timing the season.

April 25, 2018


Let's try a little experiment, shall we? Here's my challenge to myself (and join, if you'd like): for today, I will wholeheartedly believe in trust. I will wholeheartedly believe that everything is unfolding for my higher good and that the answers will arrive (have been arriving) when I need them and in a form that I will understand. 


You see, I have this distinct inkling that I've been swatting away the answers patiently lobbed to me, so sunk have I been in my own defeat, in my own fear, in my own self-pity, that I have mistaken them for one more thing I had no space, no strength to take on. 


But if I drop all this other junk--all this fear, all this worry--then surely there's space and breath for something as light and strong as trust? 


(Thank you to my dear friend, Will C. who sent me this: "Worry is carrying tomorrow's fear with today's strength." Love, love to you.)






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This Quiet Earth