Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Necessary to this radiance.

May 31, 2018


We are not separate from anything, yet we are entirely unique to everything. Does that give us special compensation to do as we please when we please? Of course not. We may be an integral part of this system, but we know damn well (or should know, anyway) that it can get on just fine without us. 


But, at our best, at our most hopeful, at our most joyous, we are a delightful and necessary addition to the radiance of the world. We are makers and creators, caretakers and admirers. We are the audience and the actors. Our delight in this world is what makes the bloom and the decay so heartrendingly beautiful and these brief lives so very poignant. 


So go on with your sweet self--keep the heart open, the eyes open, and delight in every moment you can. That delight is as necessary to peace, as necessary to harmony as any laying down of arms and stepping back from the line. 








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This Quiet Earth