Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Repeat as needed.

August 2, 2018


Maybe it's that we're tired of searching. That's our common denominator, isn't it? We're all searching--for love, for health, for community, for security, for assurity. Maybe that sweetly innocent aspect of the human condition will be what brings us, despite our apparent differences, together. I don't know. 


But I do know one answer. I do know that peace lies in paying attention. That paying attention anchors us to this moment and in this moment, we're here, we're breathing, life is breathing on beside us and we're just fine. Paying attention is the magical act that brings us into presence--and our ability to to change, to manifest, to influence anything in our lives is limited to the present, to this immediate moment. 


Beyond that, I don't know. But that's the lovely thing about it--if we pay attention, we don't need to know. 




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This Quiet Earth