Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Finding order.

September 20, 2018


My strengths do not lie in handling changes in routine. Perhaps that comes from a childhood spent moving around so much, but my guess is that I would have been like this even if I'd been born and raised in the same small town. And, who knows? Likely, that would have been worse. We can't know, but, what's more, we can't change what we are, not when it's woven that deeply into the fabric of our being.


But, yes, I (we) can adapt for short periods of time, at least. My problem is that, despite my carefully cultivated discipline, my impulsive nature, matched with my anxiety over the anticipation of change, results in opening my big mouth when, really, all I meant to do was sit quietly through the storm, no matter how long it's meant to last. 


Well, what can I say? Best laid plans and all that. Anyway. Where is this going? No idea, except to say this: we cannot help, in large part, who we are. We need not apologize for that, but fear is no excuse for not keeping a civil tongue in our heads.






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This Quiet Earth