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September 21, 2018


When my anxiety was at its worst, it would often manifest itself as hypochondria. And when one is in the midst of an anxiety attack, they are obviously unable to see the bigger picture, trapped in the free-fall of that moment's clutching terror. And while your rational self may be telling you that this moment, this pain, this difficulty, this test result is far more normal than your perception of it, there's no way your captured mind will believe it.


One of the resources I read recommended that, instead of panicking, have a hard and fast two-week rule: no matter what you're experiencing (honest to goodness emergencies aside), give it two weeks. In most cases, whatever your acute sensation(s), they'll disappear or remedy themselves within days, if not hours. Still around in two weeks? That's a good indication that something needs attention. 


This was the most freeing advice I've ever received. The two-week safety net not only pulled me out of the mania of anxiety, but it saved those closest to me from having to talk me down, time after time. But the true value of this advice is that I've found it's applicable to almost any discomfort in life. Two weeks is a magical amount of time in which most things develop or fizzle into non-memory.


It's taught me to take great comfort in that which is bigger than me--time, coincidence, happenstance, cosmic generosity, and others' goodwill.



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