Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Begin, finally.

September 26, 2018


Maybe there are some things we'll never learn. Or, at least, never learn well enough to silence the (very vocal, very loquacious) inner critic. Self-reprimands--especially after the fact--are nowhere near as effective (or enjoyable) as self-pep-talks. Funny that, how we never seem to remember to celebrate, to congratulate ourselves *before* we get up, *before* we get on with our day.


No, so often the criticism, the rehashing the past day's mistakes, becomes the morning--and evening--litany. No wonder we're so miserable. No wonder we're so touchy. No wonder we sleep so poorly. 


I don't know how to talk any of us out of the habit, but I have learned that it changes very little about the less savory aspects of our character. So I guess the only thing to do is to begin with forgiveness. Perhaps, if we stopped fearing our own recriminations, we would become a bit freer, a bit more generous and spontaneously kind--both with ourselves and with each other. 




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