Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Too long undiscovered.

October 3, 2018


You know when you find something--usually through seasonal cleaning or moving house--that you'd completely forgotten about? An item of clothing, a photograph, a gift unopened from a long-ago holiday--and suddenly there's a gratifying newness to your life, an excitement that things can drop in out of the blue, that no-strings surprises do exist past childhood.


I think we could have those discoveries daily. I think there are so many aspects of our own curiosity, of our own intelligence and creativity that we've either taken for granted for too long and thus forgotten or that were hammered out of us through disappointment, schooling, or the simple, difficult task of living. 


I wonder, if we were just to ease up on ourselves just a little, if some of those forgotten discoveries would float up--bubbles of surprise buoying us through the sticky sameness of our days.




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This Quiet Earth