Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Letting the world catch up.

October 17, 2018


I think I--like (too) many of us--have just one speed: immediate. It's as if I have this micro-manager standing over my shoulder, wondering, if I don't answer that email or that phone call right now, well then, what AM I doing with my time? It's relentless and driving


and pointless. 


It's pointless! Good goddess. Yes, we come from hardworking stock, and yes, even they rested and took their time to do something right and in a way that was fulfilling to the soul, brushing aside all the unimportant nonsense that cluttered up the rest of their days. 


Okay, then. So here's to slowing down, to living every inch of our days, and to letting the rest of the world catch up to us for a change. 



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This Quiet Earth