Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

A better view.

March 6, 2019


There are things about ourselves we can't change. We just can't. We can wish and wish for it to be otherwise, but that's just its own exercise in misery. But those things we can't change do not define who we are, contrary to what our distorted looking glass tells us. 


Because here's the thing: we're the only ones making those comparisons. No one else in their right mind looks at you and says, 'Nice, but I think I'd like you so much better if you had hair like Angelina Jolie and legs like Cameron Diaz.' (Or whatever not out-of-date cultural reference comes to mind). No one but you is cataloging your so-called short-comings. So maybe we can stop, too. 


I'm not saying you'll wake up tomorrow loving yourself if you suddenly stop berating yourself, but I think it will happen. I think these things are gradual, that we slough off bad habits when they start dragging us down, keeping us from our lives, chaining us to our insecurities. But that's the thing about habits--they're light as air. Until they're not. 


But never doubt that you're more than enough. You are unique and lovely and you just needed reminding. 



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