Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

For every day that follows.

March 19, 2019


I have come to the belated realization that we are far too hard on ourselves and that our expectations of ourselves are monstrously, disastrously high. 


At least, I've found this true for myself. Not to impose my own discoveries onto you, petals, but I have a feeling you do the same? And how often do we meet these expectations? And what on earth made us set them in the first place? We wake up every morning at a deficit with no way to catch up.


Well, the good news is, if we set them, we can un-set them. From here, my only expectation--no. No expectations. From here, my only WISH for myself is that I find light and ease and delight in this day. But no matter what, may whatever happens amount to a certain kind of joy. And may that joy be redefined daily or hourly or by the minute, depending on my needs and the fluctuations of the day. 



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This Quiet Earth