Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The heart of the heart.

April 4, 2019


I think the advice of discovering what you love, donating time to it, and seeing where it takes you is always sound. But I think for some of us, for those of us who have spent so long trying to be who we're not, the question of what we (authentically, organically) love can be almost impossible to answer. Sometimes, no matter how authentic it feels, we're still questioning, "Is this me? Or is this still that other person, that other self?"


Perhaps the easier path, in the wise words of Elizabeth Gilbert, is to follow our curiosity. Love is tricky--it's too slippery to pin down. But curiosity is an unmistakable tug in one direction or another and to follow it is immensely satisfying. For those of us who have, by nature or design, less of an emotional vocabulary, curiosity is a clearer path, and who knows? It probably amounts to the same thing. But don't be frustrated by love or by passion--it's not always clear in the messy landscape of the heart.



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This Quiet Earth