Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 


April 12, 2019


Comparison is the thief of joy--how very, very, heart-breakingly true. I don't know if we can ever stop comparing ourselves to others, but I do know we can catch ourselves as we do it. We can remind ourselves that we are worthy, that we are magical, and that we are hella strong to have gotten this far and still be as kind as we are, as gracious as we are, as creative and whip-smart as we are. As beautiful as we are. 


Because you know what? We are beautiful, and thank-you-very-much-but-eff-off to those who would say otherwise, to those (including ourselves) who insist on upholding a standard that is unhealthy, one that has made us miserable for far too long. Succumbing to this whole comparison-stealing-joy thing is to uphold those standards ourselves. And we all know where change has to begin...


So we start noticing habits, reminding ourselves along the way that we are enough--we have always been enough.



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This Quiet Earth