Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The right to rest.

May 3, 2019


I almost didn't write a Satya this morning. I just didn't feel energized enough or creative enough, and the thought of skipping it produced that little thrill you get when you have an unexpected day off. 


But then the guilt crept in and the fear of letting people down and of not doing my best when I had no excuse not to. And I realized that this is a microcosm of my whole life--and an example of what we were discussing yesterday with this drive toward perfectionism. And I also realized that while I really didn't have to write a Satya, I wanted to just to share this revelation, just to share how pervasive (and invasive) perfectionism is. It doesn't have to be defined as a need to have everything you do be the absolute best. Perfectionism can be the need to continue on beyond mental, emotional, or physical energetic boundaries, pushing yourself into misery. 


So, we'll see. Maybe next time I'll just sleep in.


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This Quiet Earth